April 16, 2014

Sonia Goldie / Marc Boutavant: Kleine Hausgeister

Gestalten launched a new program of delightful books for young readers called "Kleine Gestalten". I'm really pleased to receive one of their great children's books today to show you on the blog. This funny picture book is about all the ghosts who live in our homes and claim to be real ghosts, contrary to those old-school ones who live in old castles making "Boo!". The real ghosts live in our kitchen and bathroom, there is the television ghost on the sofa and the ghost in the telephone (who does not know him?), the gentle ghost behind the curtain and the thin-haired one in the attic telling old stories. These spooks are not scary, they don't use sheets and clanking chains. Indeed, they are very modern and appreciate a good party.

Children will discover a lot on the pages and probably they have met most of those ghosts already, especially the ghost of the night who isn't scary at all because he has a big smile on the face. The gorgeous illustrations and the cheeky humour are going very well together. The text is always part of the scenes and coloured, sized or angled to fit onto walls, furniture and signs in the illustrations. What a good decision to finally publish this children's book in German. "Fantomes des Maisons" has been originally published in French in 2001.

Sonia Goldie has written a couple of books published in French by Mila Editions. Marc Boutavant is one the most famous French illustrators. His children's books (Mouk, Ariol) are classics and filled with wonderful characters. Take a look here!

Enchanted Lion Books, October 2013

To buy a copy click here or here. The English edition "Ghosts" has been published by Enchanted Lion Books.

April 07, 2014

Alice Brière-Haquet, Olivier Philipponneau, Raphaele Enjary: 1, 2, 3 Banquise

I follow Olivier Philipponeau's blog for a while now and have never shown one of his books here on the blog. So it's time to do this! "1, 2, 3 Banquise" is a children's book with counting rhymes. It has been published in January by éditions MeMo. The beautiful woodcut illustrations are by Olivier Philipponneau and Raphaele Enjary, the text is by Alice Brière-Haquet. Raphaele and Olivier have also a blog together. Take a look here for more insights into their work.



  (All images: https://www.facebook.com/123Banquise)

March 26, 2014

André Hellé: Meine große Tiermenagerie

This is a big one and a great classic. French artist André Hellé (1871-1945) created this large-formated children's book in 1911. The illustrations were inspired by contemporary wooden toys. Hellé described 20 animals with funny and often ironic words and beautiful illustrations. "Meine große Tiermenagerie" ("Drole de Betes") has been republished by Knesebeck and is available in German for the first time now. I really enjoyed watching the pictures with all the details and reading the text. The words are a bit out of time of course and more for adults to enjoy than for the little ones. Also the stereotypes of that time need some explanation. Good to have it though and a true must-have for everyone who loves old children's books! You can pick up a copy here or here. The French edition has been published by éditions MeMo.

André Hellé was also a renowned creator of toys. Take a look here. In 2013 a first retrospective took place at Musée du Jouet de Poissy.

March 20, 2014

Tal R and Lubok

"Sailaway" by Danish artist Tal R. This catalogue has been published last month by Lubok on the occasion of the current exhibition at Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg (prolonged until 31.3.2014) that shows his recents works.

This one is out of print unfortunately: "Qaqqarsuaq" published for the show "Mann über Bord" at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in 2012. It shows the drawings that were made during an expedition to Greenland in 2011.

There are many more great books to discover on the publisher's website. More publications by the artist here. Nansensgrade 62 has it all!

(All images: www.lubok.de)

March 14, 2014

Misaki Kawai

I would love to visit one of her shows. Look at the great books and art work by Japanese/New York based artist Misaki Kawai. Her work includes also clothes and music, sculptures and paintings. Kawai is currently represented by V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Take Ninagawa in Tokyo and LOYAL in Malmö/Sweden. She has had a great number of solo and group shows around the world. For current exhibitions take a look here.

Blueberry Express published by Nieves

Names of Numbers published by Nero

Music Car, LOYAL

Exhibition at the Watermill Center, NY, 2012

(Images: misakikawai.com and LOYAL)

February 28, 2014

Amelie Persson: Fantastische Geheimrezepte

I like those illustrated cook books by Berlin Jaja Verlag. "Fantastische Geheimrezepte" (Fantastic Secret Recipes) has been published in September 2013. The German-Swedish illustrator and author is Amelie Persson. All recipes are vegetarian like Paneer tikka masala and Zitronenpasta. There are also recipes for salads, soups and a carrot cake with cream cheese and vanilla ... You get this fine collection of 17 beautifully illustrated recipes for 5€ here. It took me some seconds to make out the title, I actually read "Tautartische ..."and wondered what this could be, but the handwriting looks good anyway, I love the handwritten imprint.

This one is also very nice! Here I wrote about another one.

Don't miss the other novelties by Jaja. Here it goes to their current catalogue.

AND take a look at the brandnew dragon comic by Annette Köhn, founder of Jaja Verlag: "Leto - Reise in die Halongbucht".

February 18, 2014

Antonella Abbatiello: Facce

The simplest things are often the best. Kids could appreciate that anyway. In this book Antonella Abbatiello creates an ingenious variety of faces and expressions with only a few words, colors, shapes and lines. The square book comes with an app for iPad (and soon for Android) "designed to amuse, intrigue, stimulate creativity in full respect of the time, the ways and the needs of children".
Watch the video and visit the website"Facce" ("Faces" in English) has been published in November 2013 by Italian publishing house Topipittori, one of my favourite publishers, who always surprises me with beautiful new releases.

I wrote about picture books by Topipittori before: click, click and click.

February 14, 2014

Beatrice Alemagna: What is a Child?

Sorry for the silence. Me and the kids have had a bad cold and I'm still not feeling 100 % ... For today a beautiful short film about "What is a Child?" by Beatrice Alemagna. Good for recreation.

Beatrice Alemagna / Emmanuel Feliu (2014) for Mirando Bok

"Che cos'è un bambino?" was originally published by Topipittori in 2008. It has been translated in several languages, now in Swedish (Vad är ett barn?).

January 29, 2014

Lifecycling. The Story of 16 Inspiring Homes

A new one published by PIE Books. Take a look at their catalogue Spring/Summer 2014. "Lifecycling" is originally a web magazine created by Japanese brand IDEE. The contents of the magazine turned into a book with 12 Japanese homes and 4 interiors in Los Angeles. Want to see more interviews and photos? This way. To order a publication you have to contact one of the publisher's authorized distributors. There is a local distributor in Berlin as well now.

(All images: PIE Books)