November 18, 2014

mini kuš!

Some weeks ago I wrote about a comic of the mini kuš! series: "Swimming Pool" by Anna Vaivare. Lately I found four more comics in our letterbox, all published by Latvian indie publisher kuš! this fall: "Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis" by Jesse Jacobs, "Collector" by Zane Zlemeša, "Remember This?" by Disa Wallander and "Little Hilma" by Jyrki Heikkinen. Follow the links to the illustrators' websites and blogs. And here it goes directly to the kuš! webshop full of great comics by artists from Latvia and all around the world. More about their many contributors here

November 11, 2014

David Sire / Thomas Baas: Plitsch, der Regenschirm-Mann

Another beautiful children's book in the series "Kleine Gestalten".  "Plitsch, der Regenschirm-Mann" has been launched in September and was originally published in French ("L'homme parapluie") by Editions Sarbacane. In January 2015 the English edition ("Plip, the Umbrella Man") will follow, published by Gestalten as well. The illustrator is Paris-based Thomas Baas who has worked on several children's books already, the author is David Sire who writes, makes music and is the inventor of the concert series "Bidulosophe".

This children's book is about a man, called Plip/Plitsch/Ploc, who decided to turn into an umbrella. Protected from the persistant rain he could live on his own without getting wet. But he felt lonely until he met a woman very similar to him. Now their umbrellas were in the way ... It's a very metaphoric book about self-defense, doubt, love and confidence. To emphasize the inner life of Plip Thomas Baas worked only with cool green tones, black and a warm red. The publisher recommends this book for children aged 3 to 8 years, I would say it's actually for people aged 3 to 80 years.

Take a look at "Kleine Hausgeister" as well.

November 02, 2014

Elisabeth Dunker: Fine Little Day

Never come home without a book. We were in Stockholm last week and I found my way to the House of Rym shop in Södermalm, where Elisabeth Dunker's first book is sold together with all the beautiful Rym products. The book contains no less than the same as the Fine Little Day blog: Elisabeth's beautiful and so unique collections, her wonderful summer house, images of her home and studio in Gothenburg, DIY projects as well as homes and work by other great artists and designers like Anna Backlund, Henning Trollback, Mogu Takahashi. The only thing I eventually miss is the brightness of her photos like I know it from her blog (and which I never reach with my own unprofessional photos). The images appear sometimes a bit greyish. I guess it's a printing issue. Nevertheless it's great to have the blog on paper.

There is so many courage und creativity in her designs and ideas. They are always a bit quirky and special like the handwriting in this book which likes wandering to the top right instead of being lined up. And I love it so much.

Maybe I wouldn't have started Fine Fine Books without knowing that there are people around appreciating the playful and naive, the patinated and intuitive things in the world. Even if you don't understand Swedish (I don't understand a word) this book is really good to have. You can order it online at the FLD shop. The book has been published by Natur & Kultur and created together with Klara Bothén.


October 25, 2014

Per H. Hansen: Finn Juhl and His House

Every time I see one of the many pictures of Finn Juhl's house I wish to move in. The most beautiful of them are compiled in this book together with a fine collection of drawings and watercolours, many of published for the first time.

"Finn Juhl and His House" focuses on the designer's house of course but also on Juhl's first experimental furniture in the 1930s through the Golden Age in the 1940s and 1950s to today. The text is by Per H. Hansen, a renowned expert in Scandinavian furniture design. Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen, who purchased the house together with all its precious contents of furniture, design and visual arts, wrote the afterword and selected the numerous photographs. To my liking there could have been even more interior shots of the house. But that's maybe because I can't get enough of them.


Thanks to the book I know who's on the portrait above the famous Poet Sofa in the living room (above). It's Finn Juhl's partner, the music publisher Hanne Wilhelm Hansen whom Juhl lived with for almost 30 years, painted by Vilhelm Lundstrom.

Finn Juhl's beautiful watercolours: 

The Danish designer and architect built the house in 1941/42 in the north of Copenhagen. He lived there until his death in 1989. It sits adjacent to the art museum Ordrupgaard which received the house in 2007 as a generous gift by Birgit Lyngbye Pedersen and opened its doors for the public just one year later. I've never been there unfortunately: Instead of travelling to Denmark you could also visit a replica of Juhl's house in Takayama, Japan... or enjoy this book like I do. Get your copy here!


October 13, 2014

Inês Fonsesca Santos / Marta Madureira: A Palavra Perdida

This is my most favourite mailbox find last week and another children's book published in Portugal (they really know how to make beautiful books in this country). "A Palavra Perdida" (The Lost Word) is written by journalist/writer Inês Fonseca Santos and illustrated by graphic designer/illustrator Marta Madureira. It has been published by Arranha-Céus last month. "A Palavra Perdida" is about a boy called Manuel who lost a word. With the help of his friends and cousins he finds words who come from the heart and stay there (as far as I understand the text with the help of google translator...).

The poetry books by Inês Fonseca Santos have been published by abysmo. They are all beautifully illustrated. So take a look here and here.

Marta Madureira is one of the owners of the bookstore Papa Livros in Porto and together with Adélia Carvalho founder of the publishing house Tcharan.

September 30, 2014

Juno Pilgram: Zeug

"Zeug" means "stuff" in English and is about all the things we accumulate in our apartments. The more stuff we have, the more shelves and cupboards we need to storage all our books (I know this problem), clothes, vases, toys, shoes etc. And what's next? We try to sell all those things at the flea market or on ebay, but it's a lot of hassle to do all the stuff ready for sale and mostly you get very little money for it, right? Imagine your apartment would be empty, how much space you would have!

"Zeug" is written and illustrated by Juno Pilgram and published by Jaja Verlag this month. I like everything about the comic: the intelligent story, the black and white illustrations, the small square format, the layout of the front and back cover. Actually Juno Pilgram has a different prename and works as an editor at the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" in Munich, in 2012 she took some time off and studied a trimester at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Read about her experiences here (in German). 

More fine books published by Jaja Verlag here and here

September 23, 2014

Emma Giuiliani: Durch die Blume

This is really a lovely book: "Voir le jour" has originally been published in French by Éditions des Grandes Personnes in 2013 and has now been released by Knesebeck in German. When you first open the leporello all you can see is black and white (except for a tiny ladybug), only by opening the flaps the sun starts shining and the flowers open their coloured petals. The very poetic text is about the different stages of life, the importance of sharing and the value of friendship and love. "Voir le jour" is the first book by Paris-based graphic designer Emma Guiliani.


The Spanish edition ("Ver la luz") has been published by Kókinos.