November 15, 2011

Bruno Munari

I knew from the beginning that one of my first posts would be about Bruno Munari and his fabulous books and book covers. So I'm sure now this is a good start.
The first book by the famous Italian artist, designer and children's book creator was published originally in 1942 (in English: Munari's Machines).

A Munari kind of Zoo, published first time in 1963. You'll meet inside a lot of funny birds, a zebra in his striped pajamas and a camel who has a seat for you.

To buy a copy please visit the great publisher Corraini Edizioni. The books are all available in English and Italian.

(in English: The Circus in the Mist)

(in English: Drawing the SunNever Content)

Much more about Munari here. And take a look at Più e meno by Giovanni Belgrano and Bruno Munari:

(Images:, Video: Corraini Edizioni at YouTube)