November 28, 2011

Tomi Ungerer, apartamento, Heike Makatsch and Max Martin Schröder

I've found a nice little book in a pitiful state at the flea market. Here it is, the image is flattering. But lucky me, it is the first children's book by Tomi Ungerer. The American edition The Mellops go Flying was originally published in 1957.

Today Tomi Ungerer celebrates his eightieth birthday! Here he is in the marvelous magazin apartamento, issue 06.

And here are some more illustrations by him, first published in Das große Liederbuch. It's a Booklet of a CD released in 2009 by Diogenes with famous German children's songs vocalized by Heike Makatsch and arranged by her partner Max Martin Schröder aka derhundmarie. All Germans know Heike Makatsch and for those who don't know her by name: She played the dark-haired secretary Mia in Love Actually. To hear something from Max Schröder pleaaase click here!