December 05, 2011

Edition Paumes: The Newest Books

You don't already know them all? Here are the latest lovely books edited and published by édition Paumes: Finland Children's Rooms, Kawaii Stores Paris (kawaii = cute), Finland Apartments and the newest Kawaii Stores Stockholm.
The small family run publisher works in close contact with artists and designers in Europe, as it says on their website. And it's good to know, that "the creative link which has been formed between Tokyo and Europe is just at its beginning ...". So we can expect even more. 
All books are packed with inspiring pictures, the text is in Japanese. You can pick up a copy directly via If you have a hard time with the Japanese site, I saw them at Fine Little Day, Fräulein Herz and Collected by Tas-ka.  

Early enough for Christmas: The newest Kawaii Stores Stockholm will be released in mid-December. Another inspiring shopping trip on book pages.

(All images: Hisashi Tokuyoshi)