January 12, 2012

Design House Stockholm and Stig Lindberg

Sometimes a catalogue is just as beautiful as the products inside. Danke S für die wunderschöne Tasche von Stig Lindberg! On the back of their catalogue they say: "The designers are our authors. They bring their stories to us, and we make them happen." The whole story of Design House Stockholm, founded by Anders Färdig, you find here. 

Have a look at their new catalogue 2012
(Image Box Light by Jonas Hakaniemi: Design House Stockholm)

Swedish design icon Stig Lindberg designed mainly in the 1950s the loveliest fabrics, ceramics, tableware lines and much more. And he worked as a book illustrator. I'm sure you know this one.

Lennart Hellsing (text), Stig Lindberg (illustrations): Daniel Doppsko (original title), first published in 1959.
(Images Hellsing/Lindberg: Patrick Wirbeleit at www.illuopa.de)