January 22, 2012

FROH! Magazin: Luxus

Froh means happy, glad, pleased. And I'm very happy to have this magazine. I put it on places, where everybody see it (this good-looking magazine is eco-friendly and independent and I want to show the world I'm too - haha). And I'm reading every word very slowly. Much slower than I read other publications. So one minute ago I read on their fact sheet about slow-reading being one of their keywords. Ok guys, it works.

Froh! is a German magazine (ein Gesellschaftsmagazin) without advertising, founded 2009. This is the 7th edition, called LUXUS. You don't get it at the newsstand, it's sold mainly online. And the small four headed team based in Cologne is very froh about donations to finance the magazine and to share them with a social project. 

And what's inside? Hier mehr!

Watch this interview (in German) with publisher Michael Schmidt.
(Video: enorm TV)