January 03, 2012

M. Sasek

It's really nice to read about This is Munich to be reissued in February 2012 (not just because it's my hometown ;). 

Czech illustrator-author Miroslav Sasek lived in Munich for years after he had emigrated from Prague in 1948. This is Munich was originally published in 1961. Initially Sasek planned to do just three books: Paris, London, and Rome, but by the time the series was finished in 1974, there were 18 titles all in all. London and New York were noted on the New York Times Best Illustrated list. Sasek's This is ... books have been reissued by Universe (Rizzoli) since 2003
Look here for a real rarity: Mike and the Modelmakers (1970).
This is Ireland was first published 1964. I recently found a reprint from 1970 by WH Allen in this second-hand book shop. It's so pretty and it is always a pleasure to browse his books!

More about M. Sasek here.