February 20, 2012

Anke Feuchtenberger and Nick Bantock

When I visit friends I love to ask for their books. Here are two classics that have been recommended to me recently and unfortunately I have to return them soon: The first one was published in 1999 and is called "Die Biographie der Frau Trockenthal". It contains 37 compelling theatre posters by one of Germany's leading comic illustrators, artist and professor Anke Feuchtenberger. Please visit the Reprodukt website for more of her books. 
With Italian artist Stefano Ricci she founded the MamiVerlag some years ago, a small publisher with well selected books and animated films. Look here for their newest publication: a children's book titled "Die Holländische Schachtel".

The second one, famous "Griffin & Sabine" (in German "Briefe und Postkarten der Liebe", Wolfgang Krüger Verlag), is a real treasure. It is the bestselling illustrated novel by Vancouver based author and illustrator Nick Bantock, who invites us to take part in the strange and extraordinary correspondance between postcard artist Griffin in England and stamp designer Sabine living on Sicmon Islands, South Pacific. If you've always wanted to read someone else's mail, here you can even open the envelopes ;) Look at the stunning artwork on each page! "Griffin & Sabine", originally published in 1991 by Chronicle Books, was continued: Check out the trilogy's second and third volume as well as The Morning Star Trilogy.