February 03, 2012

Letters, numbers, nouns: Marion Bataille and Woop Studios

Photos are not enough for these (timeless) pop-up books by Marion Bataille. From one to ten and back again, simultaneously.

The three dimensional letters fold, swing, reflect, and spin to the music Roll On Mississippi by the Boswell Sisters. 

And for all with a love of letters and words: Woop Studios, founded by Miraphora Mina, Eduardo Lima, Harriet Logan, and Mark Faulkner. "United by a love of graphic design, words and images they founded Woop to bring a unique and exciting angle to the fascinating world of collective nouns." Mira and Eduardo are the graphic designers of Harry Potter btw, believe me.
(Images: Woop Studios, the original limited edition prints are all available to purchase)

I came across Woop Studios via Design Geek who visited their work space lately.