February 28, 2012

New Magazine: Casual Days 0.1 Travelers

First issues are always exciting. Just read about this one yesterday (via Danica van de Velde). "Casual Days" is made by Casual Poet Culture, a small creative office based in Singapore, founded by Rebecca Toh who also hosts a weekly radio show. The bilingual (English/Chinese) print magazine is about "meaningful everyday experience". Or more precisely: "Each issue explores a specific issue related to everyday life and features a carefully-put-together line-up of inspiring individuals from various creative fields, including artists, designers, writers, photographers, idea-makers, style-setters, film directors, curators, illustrators, store-owners and our own friends." Among them for instance Kenny Leck, co-owner of the independent bookstore BooksActually (look here, it's such a cute little shop!) and Katie Merchant (Seoul Special).
To buy a copy of the "Travelers" issue online, click here. They will launch an online store soon!
Do you know this, when you discover more and more interesting things on a site and can't stop jumping from one post to another? This is what just happened to me on their wonderful blog. I'm still not finished with it.

(Images and video: Casual Days)