February 13, 2012

Street Art: XOOOOX

XOOOOX makes himself scarce. No one seems to know him (or she). Though his street art came to prominence on the international art market. As long as street art is preservable. This book, edited by author and photographer Benjamin Wolbergs, will be released in March by Gestalten and it's the artist's first monograph. "It focuses mainly on his portraits of female models that he prefers to stencil or wheat-paste onto surfaces of older buildings scarred by the passage of time. The contrast between the strikingly beautiful women and the crumbling walls is a fundamental aspect of his creative vision." He also reinterprets logos such as Chanel and Hermés or he transforms the H&M logo into the letters HIV as a statement against the leveling effect of global clothing brands.

(Image: please visit his website)

Man kann sich ein Werk des Künstlers auch an die Wand hängen, muss man aber nicht. Dazu passen jedoch ehrliche Sätze wie "Ich wünsche mir nur, von meiner Kunst leben zu können", gesagt zum Tagesspiegel im November 2008.
If you live in Berlin: Die Circleculture Gallery zeigt bis zum 29.2. Arbeiten von XOOOOX und anderen in der Alten Münze/Mitte!

(All images: Gestalten, here it goes to the shop)