March 13, 2012

The Mast Brothers and Paul A. Young

These are the most stylish chocolate bars I've ever seen. If you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you maybe visit the trendy Mast Brothers chocolate factory for years and already know all about their different flavors and sorts of chocolate. All others are invited: "Come to Brooklyn, check out our factory, hang out in our tasting room and learn how American craft chocolate is truly made!"

 (Images: The Chocolate Society, worldwide delivery)

Really like these two bearded chocolate makers. There's a great sailership mobile at 6:29 btw!

Back to books! Some days ago I happened to read about a recipe book called Adventures with Chocolate and since then I can't forget about these photos by photographer Anders Schonnemann and food stylist Annie Rigg. If you have not noticed: I'm a chocoholic. Why does chocolate have to look so tasty? Want to dive into these shots. The book's author is award winning chocolatier Paul A. Young. Have a look at his website.