March 15, 2012

minä perhonen

Minä means translated from Finnish "I" and perhonen is "butterfly". For all who don't know minä perhonen: It's an amazing Japanese fashion label established in 1995 by textile and clothes designer Akira Minagawa. So why Finnish? Because the designer sympathizes with the lifestyle and culture of Finland and traveled many times through northern European countries - as simple as that. I'm really liking all these lovely textiles!

(Images: Shoichi Kajino (2nd), Syunsuke Ito (3rd), Yuki Akiyama (4th), head over to minä perhonen's website and shops)

I wander from the subject a little lately. So this fine one I stumbled across today: the designer's latest book "minä perhonen?" published in 2011 by BNN (check out their current book catalog). "This book describes minä perhonen's accumulated history, their philosophy, and their challenges, through visual and words. Centered around 50 keywords such as time, embroidery, imagination, wind, reflection, this book tells you about designers' passions and their perspectives to the society or, uncompromised conversations during the fabrication process." The art director is Atsuki KikuchiYou can pick up a copy here or here for instance. Or try UguisuMore about minä perhonen's books here and here

How I love the colour of this dress!!

(2012 Spring/Summer Collection by minä perhonen, edited by itabashi+hironori)