April 24, 2012

A Book from the 60s: Innenausbau im Wohnhaus

Last Saturday the annual flea market at the Theresienwiese took place here in Munich, with around 20.000 visitors each year. You can imagine, how big this market is. I was there very early in the morning and found many nice things: paintings, embroidered pillowcases, even a three wheeler, dishes from the 50s. I was so packed, I barely got home ...  

Lucky me I was able to get some nice books too. Here is my favorite: It calls "Innenausbau im Wohnhaus" in German, in English the title would be "Interior Fittings in the House" or something like that. It's probably from the early 60s (I'm searching and searching, there is no date in it) and contains drawings of living, sleeping and workings rooms, floor plans, sketches, lots of lovely photos. Very instructive and informative, I'll have to read a lot in it.

(Eichhorn, Karl; Gaugele, Eberhard; Haberer, Albert; Ruoff, Christa und Emil: Innenausbau im Wohnhaus, Verlag Ernst Heyer, Essen)