April 11, 2012

Faces: Anja Brunt, Zoe Miller, David Goodman

I'm a big fan of Anja Brunt's 365 faces project. Last year she created a different face every day. And this year she continues making and finding faces here and there. Have a look at her stunning blog!

(All images and faces: Anja Brunt)

Even more faces by Brighton based designers David Goodman and Zoe Miller: new 25 wooden blocks to create hundreds of unique faces. Here you find more of their brand millergoodman, launched in 2008. And here it goes to their Shhhop!
They also made a book about faces (published 2011).  "On every page of this inspiring and imaginative book the reader will encounter unusual and creative ways of making faces, using printing, collage, geometric shapes and sculpture. Surprising details are revealed by lifting flaps, looking through holes or turning the book upside-down. As well as being entertaining and engaging, `Faces` offers an insight into major modern art movements, including pop art, op art, abstraction, junk art and kinetic sculpture. The book's designers reference key artists, including Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, and Eduardo Paolozzi as well as graphic designers of the 1950s and '60s." You can pick up a copy here or here.

(Zoe Miller / David Goodman: Faces, Tate Publishing, 2011)

There are faces everywhere. Please don't miss Sabine Timm's fantastic work