April 19, 2012

Kelly Lynn Jones: Little Paper Planes

 Finally I have it! I was looking forward to this fine one:
Kelly Lynn Jones: Little Paper Planes. 20 artists reinvent the childhood classic, April 2012.
You can pick up a copy here or here!

"Little Paper Planes" has been published this month by Chronicle Books and is packed with 20 paper airplane projects by "some of today's hottest artists" among them Gemma Correll, Michael C. Hsiung, Julia Rothman, Alyson Fox, Christopher David Ryan, Ashkahn ShahparniaElisabeth DunkerLittle Paper Planes is also the name of the extraordinary online store and super creative artist community founded in 2004 by San Francisco based artist Kelly Lynn Jones. To find out more, please head over to their website and blog featuring many talented rising-star artists and lots of affordable art in the shop. Don't miss their other zines and books!

All planes are printed on perforated paper for easy removal and construction. If I'm honest I'm thinking about removing some of the most beautiful pages just to hang them on the wall - unfolded ... maybe this boring idea results of folding paper planes from YouTube videos for my 4-year-old each and every day ... 
Want a hint? This one is flying very well!