April 13, 2012

Sebastian Lörscher and Kunstanstifter Verlag

Some weeks ago I got a mail and some jpegs from Sebastian Lörscher, author and illustrator of Ziegenmilch & Zeichenstift, published in Kunstanstifter Verlag. I like his book which he wrote and illustrated together with his 93 year old grandfather Ernst Körber. It's about his own and his grandfather's first 25 years of life. In 50 short stories it becomes clear - even though the times had changed so much - how similar their personal experiences, fears, major goals, disappointments and moments of happiness had been. More about the author/illustrator here and here.

The Kunstanstifter Verlag is a small independent publishing house, founded in 2006 by Susanne and Niklas Thierfelder, based in Mannheim, Germany. The publishers have many more fine books in their program, so I love to share my other favorites with you as well (all in German, so please click on the links to find out more). Here you can browse their current catalog.