June 01, 2012

Fine Fine Books on Facebook

Tah-daaa! You can now find fine fine books on facebook too. So please go over there and "like" it! The content will not simply be the same of what is here. It will be far more personal, I guess.

Do you know The Real Face Book? It is an exciting interactive project by Flemish author Geert de Kockere and illustrator Nelleke Verhoeff. Geert posts one face (almost) every day on his fb page. All faces are published on The Real Face Book webpage then. The interactive part: Everybody (yes, you too!) can add a new proverb or word inspired by the shown faces. All faces were originally part of the wonderful Face a Day project by Nelleke Verhoeff, an artist/illustrator living and working in Rotterdam. For more of Nelleke's projects have a look at her Red Cheeks website and blog. There is also an illustrated (face) book with a choice of subtitles in the pipeline!

(All illustrations by Nelleke Verhoeff: The Real Face Book by Geert de Kockere and Nelleke Verhoeff)

More faces here.