June 15, 2012

Katrin Stangl: Stark wie ein Bär

Hello everyone! It's me again with a book ;) Two weeks ago the Stiftung Buchkunst has announced the winners of "Die schönsten deutschen Bücher 2012" (most beautiful German books), among them fine ones by Jürg Schubiger/Rotraut Susanne Berner, Pétur Gunnarsson and Alexandra Klobouk.

My favourite is by Katrin Stangl. It calls "Stark wie ein Bär" (Strong like a bear) and contains 26 illustrations of proverbs with animals. Look at those wonderful colours and charming interpretations (this book works in all languages, I'm quite sure it will be published in other countries as well). Isn't it great?

Katrin was a master student of Prof. Volker Pfüller at the HGB in Leipzig and worked together in Brasil with famous artist Jose Francisco Borges (shame on me I've never heard of him before, his wood cut work is stunning!). She won already several awards and lives and works in Cologne. And there are some more fine books by her to discover, e.g. this one or that or some in French"Die Räuber von Toulouse" will be released in summer by Beltz & Gelberg.

For all German-speaking people here is an extract of the jury comment: "... Durch den vollflächigen und hervorragenden Farbdruck auf Naturpapier riecht das Buch (...) – und zwar nach Kindheit! Ein sehr starkes Bilderbuch mit zauberhaft plakativer Wirkung: Die Bilder erscheinen noch größer, als das Buch an Zentimetern eigentlich hergibt." 

You can purchase a copy here or here. Check out the publisher's website as well: www.carlsen.deKatrin is winner of the Troisdorfer Bilderbuchstipendium! Here it goes to the picture book museum, it's worth a browse, too.