July 02, 2012

I Love Mel: Colour Me Good & Paper Dolls

I proudly present today "The Cool Colouring Book for Good Colourer-Inners (as well as beginners)". Let us begin with some 80s stuff. 

 How about a few Record Sleeves?

Or some Fashion?
(All images: Colour Me Good: 1980s, Record Sleeves, Fashion, published by I Love Mel, designed & illustrated by Mel Simone Elliott)

Because we're talking about fashion. Let's go on with "the best dress-up fun you'll have with a pair of scissors". Each book contains 2 paper dolls. Just too good to be true!
(All images: I Love Mel: Paper Dolls, Adele, Debbie Harry, illustrated & designed by Mel Simone Elliott)

Pen and scissors ready to hand? Herehere or here for instance you'll get these fabulous activity books by I Love MelBritish artist/illustrator Mel Simone Elliott about her brand: "The colouring books and paper dolls were developed when I realised that the things we enjoyed doing as young children, such as cutting and colouring in, would still be enjoyed by adults, if only the activity books hat 'grown up' with us." She's so right!

And another time travel ... Just thought adding a Blondie video would be nice and found this remarkable meeting: