July 23, 2012

Present & Correct

So many lovely books to shop and discover at Present & Correct! I'm in heaven ...

A Long Piece of StringPetrol; 1965I know a lot of thingsThe Red Balloon   I open my eyes; 1968Rain & Hail; 1963The Magic Ladder 2Under the Sea; 1967French Colouring Book

Check out their notebooks as well ...

Graphic Book SetSchreibblockIdeas Notebook

Cuaderno 2: HatchingCuaderno 3: DiagonalsCuaderno 1: Lines
(Images: Present & Correct Webshop)

... and their prints!

Homophone Wall CardsBird Tours Poster; 1960Boats Print

P&C is run by two London-based graphic designers. Their webshop, founded in 2008, is a place for their own design, things they love by other designers and vintage finds. "Paper and office objects which are inspired by homework, the post office and school." They somehow managed to find 1970s paper bags, old game sheets, old fashioned French pins from the 1950s, 1960s travel tip books, wooden magnets, produced in Czechoslovakia in the 70s etc. Please visit their website and head over to their inspiring blog, too! I love, love, love their Books board at Pinterest. There is also a good interview at Muse & Maker with shop founder Neal Whittington.