August 15, 2012

MAGAZIN Catalogues

I like the way well-designed furnishings, everyday objects and products are combined in the MAGAZIN catalogues. Each room is styled of course, but the settings look obviously like (and are) real places. To find out more about their products, please visit their website They have only three stores in Germany, but there is an online shop as well. The photos below are all taken by Florian Braun. I can only recommend to have a close look at the photographer's portfolio. His work is amazing. Look at this or that for instance!

 (MAGAZIN Catalogue Sommer 2012 Nachschub, Photography: Florian Braun)

 (MAGAZIN Catalogue 2012, Photography: Florian Braun)

MAGAZIN is a subsidiary of Manufactum. Their product range includes furniture, kitchen accessories, tableware, lights, clothing, consumer electronics, office equipment and even foods and books. Since 2006 the MAGAZIN catalogues are produced by Berlin-based Corporate Design Agency Realgestalt. On their site you'll find more about the whole campaign.

(MAGAZIN Catalogue 2011, Photography: Florian Braun)