September 25, 2012


Hello everyone! I'm back here at Fine Fine Books and since we spent the last two weeks in Italy I love to share some Italian picture books by Topipittori with you. So let's start with their lovely catalogue:

Topipittori is an independent picture book publisher, founded in 2004 by Giovanna Zoboli and Paolo Canton. Based in Milan they have published books by Belgian, British, Croat, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese authors and illustrators and emphasize their international approach to children's books believing that "national cultures are not enough to help children grow up and national markets are not enough to let publishing companys strive successfully". Certainly you'll find lots of great picture books by Italian illustrators as well in their catalogue - like the following one by Antonella Abbatiello and BrunoTognolini:

"A much-loved poet, Bruno Tognolini, and one of the best Italian illustrators, Antonella Abbatiello, give life to a fascinating collection of rhymes devoted to fairy tales. An alphabet of words and images, letter after letter, takes the children through the themes, meanings and symbols that dot the fairytales of all times, traditions and countries. In these pages, you will find magic rings, lost children, forgotten castles, dragons, and then, puzzles, fires, giants, spells, labyrinths, and many, many other wonders, in a dizzying succession of rhymes, shapes and colors."

Another one by Chiara Armellini:

"Beaks, feathers, fur, claws, fangs, teeth, scales, fins, combs, armors, wings... The magnificent paraphernalia nature endowed the animals with, offered to children in a fun, confusing, messy and colorful pieces of an extraordinary puzzle. Who does this belong to? Whose is that? Leafing through the pages, a series of incisive riddles made of pictures and words, challenges the children to find a solution. And gives them the answer, once they turn the page, with visual solutions of surprising beauty. A lighthearted and intelligent book to play with, by a talented new author."

And look at this one by Giovanna Zoboli and Guido Scarabottolo:

"A catalog of impossible, comic, surreal, hilarious, amazing, ironic situations. The grace of the paradox of all things which are poetically around our lives, but cannot be grasped. Things which we perceive as marginal. Things we do not know how to tell. Things that stopped working or ceased to be as they should. Things we still love dearly. Stray animals, stolen bikes, unnamed streets, buildings never built, faces hard to remember, lost and found..."

 (Giovanna Zoboli/Guido Scarabottolo: Cose che non vedo dalla mia finestra, Topipittori 2012)

(All images:

I will show some more fine books by Topipittori here soon: I'm especially looking forward to an old new one by famous John Alcorn and to another collaboration between Camilla Engman and Giovanna Zoboli (do you know Too late?), a book about the power of words ("Once Upon a Time There Was a Story"), which will be published in spring 2013.