October 08, 2012

Büchergilde: Petit Four by Katja Spitzer

Classic literature illustrated by talented artists and a charming packaging - those books are truly perfect as presents. The second collection of Petits Fours by Büchergilde comes out these days with another four small "delicacies": Joachim Ringelnatz/Katja Spitzer: Reklame, Oskar Hammerstein/Tom Burns: You'll never walk alone, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe/Ulrike Steinke: Der Zauberlehrling, Kurt Tucholsky/Drushba Pankow: Der Mensch.

With 9,5 x 12 cm (like a mobile phone) they are really "petit". Although they are so small each one has a matching slipcase:
"Reklame" is a poem by German author Joachim Ringelnatz about the omnipresence of advertising. The striking illustrations come from Katja Spitzer, a freelance illustrator living and working in Berlin. She shows all spreads on her website. Please visit Katja's blog to find out more about her current and last projects (do you know "Quodlibet"?)

The collection of four books is available for members soon at the publisher's website, as a single book you can buy each of them already here. The first collection came out in March including work by Franziska Neubert and Golden Cosmos.