October 10, 2012

Milimbo: Cinderella

It's a busy time right now for all who work with books. The Frankfurt Book Fair started on Tuesday and there are tons of new books waiting for readers.

Before I leave to Frankfurt tomorrow to join the crowd and discover some fine new books I wanted to quickly show you Milimbo's latest book project. The book is titled "Cinderella" and the illustrations come from Claudia Polizzi and Michele Galluzzo. The well-known fairy tale is told just with pictures and it works very well without words. Please check out their other wordless books, first of all Grimm Brothers' "Red Riding Hood" (Y recuerda ...), which is showcased in "Little Big Books" by Gestalten, and "Hänsel & Gretel", both illustrated by editor and illustrator Juanjo G. Oller.

Milimbo is a small independent publisher and graphic atelier based in Valencia, Spain. Take a look at their etsy shop, website and blog!

(Claudia Polizzi/Michele Galluzzo: Cinderella (Grimm Brothers), Milimbo 2012)
(All images: www.milimbo.com)

 They are also good in cardboard projects as you might know. 

I'm back here after the Book Fair with loads of catalogues ...