November 21, 2012

Dutch Flow Magazine Goes International

The Flow Magazine is in its fourth year now and - good news! - they just launched an English edition. I was happy to find a review copy in our letterbox this morning and after flipping through the pages eagerly, browsing the Crafting Idea Book and reading an article about women in Paris in the 1920s and another about living and working in Berlin as an creative I must say: It's great! For less than 13 Euro you get 139 pages full of retro pictures and beautiful illustrations, tips for better life and gift ideas PLUS lovely wrapping paper and a notebook/craft book. Not bad, right? If you love paper (they even use different kinds of paper in one edition), crafting, illustrations and/or retro design inspired blogs and shops, you will simply love this mag as well. Sorry guys, I guess, this magazine is mainly for girls - tell me, if I'm wrong! 
 Cover illustration by Melanie Mikecs

The international edition is "a dream come true" for Astrid van der Hulst and Irene Smit, the two courageous magazine makers. To take a look behind the scenes visit their blog and Facebook page. You can order your copy here.

Not made for fans of purist layout - the only black and white pages are for colouring:

 Paper cut by Geertje Aalders:

 It's fun. The craft notebook has been produced together with Japanese artist Papakaori: