December 11, 2012

David Blank and Florian Hägele: Das Pixel

In April I interviewed publisher Annette Köhn. Time flies. It's almost the end of the year and I'm glad Annette reminded me of some new titles of Berlin-based Jaja Verlag. Let's start with the one by David Blank and Florian Hägele (next week I'll showcase one more). It's a homage to the pixel, so the book is filled - with pixels. And it contains lots of basic and fun facts about image formats, DPI, QR Codes etc. This book is perfectly made for people, who appreciate the aesthetic quality of (consciously) pixelated images (illustrations by eBoy), for pixel fans in general and for all, who love working or playing with pixels. Get a copy here (text in German).

Take a look at the beautiful Musen-Mag as well, the illustrated magazine of the Musenstube, where the Jaja Verlag is located.