December 17, 2012

Jennifer Daniel: Earth unplugged

Jaja Verlag once more with a great comic (or graphic novel) by web designer/illustrator Jennifer Daniel. She tells the story of a young woman and her neighbour who sit together in their dark house, they have only candlelight, because the earth is "unplugged". It all starts with the question: What happens when suddenly the power goes out? While sitting together the young woman herself begins to tell a story about a planet very similar to the earth ...
More than half of the comic needs no words. Everything the heroine goes through on her journey is told in expressive pictures. And each spread is composed like a little story itself, while the color palette changes with every new scenery.

To order a copy online you have to wait until the 15th January, but then you will find it right here! For all who live in Berlin: Over there you'll see at a glance where Jaja Books are sold. 

Look how the size of the panels varies, depending of what is to be shown. It's so well done.