December 13, 2012

Planeta Tangerina 3

Recently Portuguese publishing house Planeta Tangerina sold some books with discount. So I just could not resist. Guess, I really should close my account for new books this year now.
Siga a Seta! means Follow the Arrow! in English. Unfortunately I don't understand a word of the Portuguese text by Isabel Minhós Martins (interview here). Certainly it's "a book for all those who like to travel to unexplored places and are not afraid of getting lost". And for all who appreciate the wonderful illustrations by Andrés Sandoval! Visit his website and take a look at his great portfolio. He is an illustrator/architect, graduated in Architecture from the University in Sao Paulo in 1999 and working as an illustrator since 2001. 

I wanted this one for long time. It's just beautiful! 24 large-format spreads by Bernardo Carvalho - without a single word. You don't need words to get into beach mood with this book (even though it is snowing outside).

And this week their great Agenda 2013 in green, black and white arrived in our letterbox as well. Thank you so much, Isabel!

 Here it goes to their website, blog and shop.