January 27, 2012

The Weekender

This magazine smells good, really! Another very, very beautiful edition of The Weekender in our letterbox today. The German independent magazine founded by Dirk Mönkemöller and Christian Schneider celebrates its first birthday with some more good stories about traveling, living and cooking. How about a weekend trip to the most boring island of the world? ("Barra, that's 1100 alcoholics on a rock!") Auch drin: die schaurig-schöne Geschichte eines Hauses in Köln, in dem die Vorbesitzer (Oma & Er) ihr ganzes Leben zurückgelassen hatten.

You get a copy here. It's only in German! On the cover and inside (2nd image) you see famous food blogger and vegetarian chef Sarah Britton

Happy Weekend!

January 22, 2012

FROH! Magazin: Luxus

Froh means happy, glad, pleased. And I'm very happy to have this magazine. I put it on places, where everybody see it (this good-looking magazine is eco-friendly and independent and I want to show the world I'm too - haha). And I'm reading every word very slowly. Much slower than I read other publications. So one minute ago I read on their fact sheet about slow-reading being one of their keywords. Ok guys, it works.

Froh! is a German magazine (ein Gesellschaftsmagazin) without advertising, founded 2009. This is the 7th edition, called LUXUS. You don't get it at the newsstand, it's sold mainly online. And the small four headed team based in Cologne is very froh about donations to finance the magazine and to share them with a social project. 

And what's inside? Hier mehr!

Watch this interview (in German) with publisher Michael Schmidt.
(Video: enorm TV)

January 21, 2012

The Joy of Books

A wonderful stop-motion tribute to books and the neighbourhood bookstore. The video's creator Sean Ohlenkamp and a team of volunteers shot the video over four nights at Type Books, an independent bookstore in Toronto. More than 2 million clicks on YouTube to this day btw. The magical music is Awakenings by Grayson Matthews. Enjoy!  

January 16, 2012

Steve Wolfe

No, these are not books. San Francisco based painter and sculptor Steve Wolfe works in the tradition of trompe l'oeil. He creates copies of book covers with every little detail and alleged "signs of wear", so that it's hard to believe that the copy is NOT a real book (it took me some time). For his elaborate recreations he uses oil, ink transfer, modeling paste, linen, wood, paper etc. Steve Wolfe's captivating work is included in several museum collections and has appeared in group shows and a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York travelling to The Menil Collection in Houston and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I hope there will be an exhibition in Germany one day. I would love to see his work.

Steve Wolfe: Untitled (Study For Vanguard/Cooks/Sapporo/Durham's/Campari Cartons), 2003-2005

Steve Wolfe: Untitled (Mondrian, 2000-2001
Steve Wolfe: Untitled (Manifestoes of Surrealism), 1987-1988

Steve Wolfe: Untitled (Vanguard/Cook's/Sapporo/Durham's/Campari Cartons), 2001-2003

Steve Wolfe: Untitled (The Postman Always Rings Twice), 1996-1997

Steve Wolfe: Untitled (A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man), 2003

(All images via Luhring Augustine)

Catalog: Steve Wolfe on Paper, publisher: The Whitney Museum of American Art

Steve Wolfe is represented by 531 West 24th Street, NY, NY 10011, Luhring Augustine.

Curator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Franklin Sirmans talks about the 2010 exhibition Steve Wolfe On Paper(Video: LACMA VIDEO)

January 12, 2012

Design House Stockholm and Stig Lindberg

Sometimes a catalogue is just as beautiful as the products inside. Danke S für die wunderschöne Tasche von Stig Lindberg! On the back of their catalogue they say: "The designers are our authors. They bring their stories to us, and we make them happen." The whole story of Design House Stockholm, founded by Anders Färdig, you find here. 

Have a look at their new catalogue 2012
(Image Box Light by Jonas Hakaniemi: Design House Stockholm)

Swedish design icon Stig Lindberg designed mainly in the 1950s the loveliest fabrics, ceramics, tableware lines and much more. And he worked as a book illustrator. I'm sure you know this one.

Lennart Hellsing (text), Stig Lindberg (illustrations): Daniel Doppsko (original title), first published in 1959.
(Images Hellsing/Lindberg: Patrick Wirbeleit at www.illuopa.de)

January 05, 2012

Cesta Netshop

Found some fine books browsing this site.

(All images: www.cesta.jp)

January 04, 2012

Die Wunderfahrt by Sandor Bortnyik & Albert Sixtus

I came across this beautiful children's book via Manufactum (you can purchase it via Manuscriptum). It was first published in 1929. Really like the brightness of its colours. The Hungarian artist and illustrator Sandor Bortnyik was part of the Bauhaus. Have a look at his work.

(Sandor Bortnyik/Albert Sixtus: Die Wunderfahrt, Alfred Hahns Verlag)

January 03, 2012

M. Sasek

It's really nice to read about This is Munich to be reissued in February 2012 (not just because it's my hometown ;). 

Czech illustrator-author Miroslav Sasek lived in Munich for years after he had emigrated from Prague in 1948. This is Munich was originally published in 1961. Initially Sasek planned to do just three books: Paris, London, and Rome, but by the time the series was finished in 1974, there were 18 titles all in all. London and New York were noted on the New York Times Best Illustrated list. Sasek's This is ... books have been reissued by Universe (Rizzoli) since 2003
Look here for a real rarity: Mike and the Modelmakers (1970).
This is Ireland was first published 1964. I recently found a reprint from 1970 by WH Allen in this second-hand book shop. It's so pretty and it is always a pleasure to browse his books!

More about M. Sasek here.