March 30, 2012

Mathieu Lommen: The Book of Books

How I wish I could visit this exhibition running through May 13 at the Special Collections department of the University of Amsterdam. 
Since I have to stay here and work I thought purchasing the catalog should be the least. And - wow - this is a statement against the e-book! The book of the printed book (Het boek van het gedrukte boek) shows more than five hundred years of Western book design. From the oldest exhibit by Nicolas Jenson, which was published in Latin in 1471, to Irma Boom's 8 cm thick "James, Jennifer, Georgina", containing 1136 reproduced postcards sent by a mother to her daughter. I'll show you my favorites, so you will understand my enthusiasm:
 (Gheraert Leeu: Dialogus creaturarum moralisatus, 1480)
(Charles Plumier & Imprimerie Royale, 1705)
(W. A. Dwiggins: Layout in Advertising, 1928)
 (Pierre Faucheux: Henri Pichette, Les épiphanies, 1948)
 (Theo van Doesburg & Käthe Steinitz: Kurt Schwitters, Die Scheuche: Märchen, 1925)
(Marie Neurath: Außen - innen: Was ist drinnen?, 1956)
(Ann & Paul Rand: Sparkle and spin: a book about words, 1957)
(Max Huber & Giovanni Pintori: Adriano Olivetti et al., Olivetti 1908-1958)
(Willy Fleckhaus, edition Suhrkamp, since 1963)
(Irma Boom: James, Jennifer, Georgina, 2010)
Isn't it great? The book of books is published by Amsterdam University Press/Lannoo, an English edition is launched by Thames & Hudson, a German by DuMont. The author Mathieu Lommen is curator of graphic design at the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam, lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and editor of the journal Quaerendo. 

March 27, 2012

Carl Kleiner

He seems to be everywhere these days. I came across Swedish still life photographer/image maker Carl Kleiner in three ways. His work was featured in several new books over the past years. But now I've fallen in love with his latest work for IKEA. Saw this on Livet Hjemme and I think it's fantastic!

(Images: Carl Kleiner for IKEA, Collaboration w. Evelina Kleiner)

And I found much more - these images are for Massproductions (read about this Swedish company here today) - on his portfolio. Please head over to his website!

(Images: Carl Kleiner for Massproductions, Collaboration w. Evelina Kleiner)

Yes, there are a lot of fine books with contributions by Carl Kleiner ...

March 21, 2012

Some Books ...

... shouldn't be kept just in a bookcase.

Somedays they want to show their beauty.

Note: There is a new Olle Eksell website online now, which is much more informative than the .com site, with interviews, a gallery and shop. Here is their catalog!

March 19, 2012

Superéditions: Coloring Books

Inside you will find short text by Sandra Lanilis and lots of white space to illustrate. The Parisian publisher Superéditions released the handy-sized books in French or English. I'm really liking this idea of blank pages. The final book will be a nice keepsake (it will probably be one of the things you could never never throw away). Where to buy? Here or here or have a look at their website
Two examples of finished books. Not only for children, as you can see.
The Freaky King and Queen
Que font les extraterrestres quand ils sont en vacances
 (All images: Superéditions)

March 15, 2012

minä perhonen

Minä means translated from Finnish "I" and perhonen is "butterfly". For all who don't know minä perhonen: It's an amazing Japanese fashion label established in 1995 by textile and clothes designer Akira Minagawa. So why Finnish? Because the designer sympathizes with the lifestyle and culture of Finland and traveled many times through northern European countries - as simple as that. I'm really liking all these lovely textiles!

(Images: Shoichi Kajino (2nd), Syunsuke Ito (3rd), Yuki Akiyama (4th), head over to minä perhonen's website and shops)

I wander from the subject a little lately. So this fine one I stumbled across today: the designer's latest book "minä perhonen?" published in 2011 by BNN (check out their current book catalog). "This book describes minä perhonen's accumulated history, their philosophy, and their challenges, through visual and words. Centered around 50 keywords such as time, embroidery, imagination, wind, reflection, this book tells you about designers' passions and their perspectives to the society or, uncompromised conversations during the fabrication process." The art director is Atsuki KikuchiYou can pick up a copy here or here for instance. Or try UguisuMore about minä perhonen's books here and here

How I love the colour of this dress!!

(2012 Spring/Summer Collection by minä perhonen, edited by itabashi+hironori)

March 13, 2012

The Mast Brothers and Paul A. Young

These are the most stylish chocolate bars I've ever seen. If you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you maybe visit the trendy Mast Brothers chocolate factory for years and already know all about their different flavors and sorts of chocolate. All others are invited: "Come to Brooklyn, check out our factory, hang out in our tasting room and learn how American craft chocolate is truly made!"

 (Images: The Chocolate Society, worldwide delivery)

Really like these two bearded chocolate makers. There's a great sailership mobile at 6:29 btw!

Back to books! Some days ago I happened to read about a recipe book called Adventures with Chocolate and since then I can't forget about these photos by photographer Anders Schonnemann and food stylist Annie Rigg. If you have not noticed: I'm a chocoholic. Why does chocolate have to look so tasty? Want to dive into these shots. The book's author is award winning chocolatier Paul A. Young. Have a look at his website.

March 09, 2012

60s Advertising Folder

I have a drawer in my desk loaded with brochures, advertising folders and magazines mostly from the 50s or 60s which I found on flea markets over the years. So there's still a lot of stuff to show you ;) This morning I took some photos from this little treasure. It's a brochure about wall paint showing some nice 60s chairs and sofas as well, fortunately. I like the colours and - can't tell you why - I'm in love with the lettering INnen DE KOration (means Interior Decoration).

March 06, 2012

Klas Fahlén

Swedish illustrator Klas Fahlén has been featured several times on several sites and I don't want to miss him here as well. Klas is known for his energetic line drawings. His work often reminds of Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell (1918 -  2007) and is inspired by "anything from Picasso to contemporary Swedish illustrator Stina Wirsén." 
"As a little boy, illustrator Klas Fahlén spent hours drawing Batman and playing football; but when he realised you had to be 6'2" with the stamina of a horse to be a footballer, it became just drawing and painting." Head over to his portfolio here via Agent Bauer or Art Department. His simple and elegant drawings are always fun!

(All images above via Agent Bauer)

And here is one by famous Olle Eksell. They are good together, aren't they?

March 02, 2012

James Krüss and Lisl Stich: Die ganz besonders nette Straßenbahn

Another beautiful picture book by famous German children's book author James Krüss and illustrator Lisl Stich. It was originally published in 1964 and reprinted several times. Really like it a lot and my 4 year old loves it too. Yes, sometimes I buy children's books for myself, and then I'm happy, when my boys love them as well. 
Check out the publisher's website (Bastei Lübbe Verlag) for many more adorable books by Krüss and Stich.