November 29, 2012

Present & Correct 2

I stopped by the Present & Correct shop again and found this two great books (among many others).

Maybe someone wants to order them?

November 26, 2012

Andreas Samuelsson: Red, green, blue and you

When I first saw this book last week in the Human Empire Shop, my initial thought was, the title is just perfect: Red, green, blue and you. No more to say, no more text inside, but some empty space, where you are free "to fill in the rest based on your imagination". The watercolor and pencil drawings are printed on a risograph machine in four colours. It's the first book project by graphic illustrator Andreas Samuelsson, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Take a look at his impressive portfolio and website. The book is co-published by Swiss publishing houses Nieves and Rollo Press.

November 21, 2012

Dutch Flow Magazine Goes International

The Flow Magazine is in its fourth year now and - good news! - they just launched an English edition. I was happy to find a review copy in our letterbox this morning and after flipping through the pages eagerly, browsing the Crafting Idea Book and reading an article about women in Paris in the 1920s and another about living and working in Berlin as an creative I must say: It's great! For less than 13 Euro you get 139 pages full of retro pictures and beautiful illustrations, tips for better life and gift ideas PLUS lovely wrapping paper and a notebook/craft book. Not bad, right? If you love paper (they even use different kinds of paper in one edition), crafting, illustrations and/or retro design inspired blogs and shops, you will simply love this mag as well. Sorry guys, I guess, this magazine is mainly for girls - tell me, if I'm wrong! 
 Cover illustration by Melanie Mikecs

The international edition is "a dream come true" for Astrid van der Hulst and Irene Smit, the two courageous magazine makers. To take a look behind the scenes visit their blog and Facebook page. You can order your copy here.

Not made for fans of purist layout - the only black and white pages are for colouring:

 Paper cut by Geertje Aalders:

 It's fun. The craft notebook has been produced together with Japanese artist Papakaori:

November 15, 2012

Philip Jodidio: Tree Houses

I just read the TASCHEN newsletter and wanted to share this brandnew one. Doesn't it look great? As the publisher says "this stunningly-illustrated study offers a tour of the best tree houses in the world". To read more click here.

The author is Philip Jodidio who edited TASCHEN's Architecture Now! series

(All images:

November 12, 2012

Heinz Kahlau/Hans Ticha: Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! Die Feuerwehr ist da!

Author Heinz Kahlau was student of Bert Brecht at the Akademie der Künste (German Academy of Arts) in the 1950s. He was one of the most famous poets of the GDR (East Germany). Kahlau died in April this year. Illustrator Hans Ticha lived in East Berlin till 1989 and is considered to be the only pop artist of the GDR. His work is influenced by the Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus, Pop Art and mostly by Fernand Léger. There is currently an exhibition in Frankfurt up to 22 November: "Hans Ticha und andere - Künstlerplakete". More to find here.

 Heinz Kahlau/Hans Ticha: Hurra! Hurra! Hurra! Die Feuerwehr ist da, VEB Postreiter-Verlag. Made in GDR 1987/1988.

The book has been republished by Beltz & Gelberg in 2008. You can get a copy here.

November 08, 2012

Bertha Morris Parker: Das große Buch vom Leben in der Welt

"The Big Coloured Book of Life on Earth" would be the English title of this educational science book from 1966. Its main illustrations have been originally published by Golden Press in the 1950s.

It's a flea market find, I could spend a lot of time watching pictures of home appliances, vehicles and broadcasting equipment from this area (that's probably the main reason why I love the Mad Men series). The author is Bertha Morris Parker, who is primarily known for the 16-volume encyclopedia set The Golden Books Encyclopedia. A trio of retro kid's books by illustrator Harry McNaught over there.

 Bertha Morris Parker: Vom ersten Wissen. Das große Buch vom Leben in der Welt, illustrated by Harry McNaught, Albertine Dependorf, Edelgard Pfisterer, Otto Maier Verlag 195x/1966

November 05, 2012

Tove Jansson: The Moomins

Wonderful Moomins by author, painter, illustrator Tove Jansson! Berlin-based publisher Reprodukt just released the complete Tove Jansson comic strip for the first time in German (here they are called Mumins), the first volume of five has been published in 2008, the final volume Mumins 5 one month ago. The comic strip was originally created for an English newspaper, the London Evening News, in the 1950s. Take a look! It's so adorable.

I'm really in love with the coloured covers, though I think they would have been even nicer in the landscape format as it was used in this edition, published in Finland in Swedish. 

Inside you find the black and white original drawings. 

(Mumins 5, Reprodukt 2012)

German readers visit the publisher's website to pick up a copy of the series or buy it here. All about the Moomins here.

In their original English the entire comic strip has been reissued by Drawn & Quarterly between 2006 and 2010, Tove Jansson's novels and other books have been released in English by macmillan, NYRB and Penguin Books.

(Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip, Drawn & Quarterly 2006-2010)

The Moomin Trove with a great collection of covers and editions in other languages.

November 01, 2012

Oda Pälmke: Good, Bad and Ugly Houses/Quite Good Houses

Dear friends and loyal readers, I thought after working for these and those during summer I would have much more time again in autumn for my blog, to report about the novelties I found at the Book Fair, to make lots of interviews and reviews, to post lists with useful links to picture book publishers and online bookstores, to start a new column etc. Now another 300 pages are laying on my desk - so I will do all these specials ... in a little while ... Anyway, here are some snapshots from a very nice book I've found in the bookshelf of a very good friend:

"The models presented were made from 2006-2008 as the results of the assignment cycle titled 'Design the house!' in the context of the lecture series 'Idee Idee Idee' of the Fundamentals of Architecture chair of the TU Dortmund." Author: Oda Pälmke. In Collaboration with: Rabea Köster.

"Quite Good Houses", the second book by Berlin architect Oda Pälmke, was published in 2011 by Jovis Verlag as well. It's about so-called everyday architecture. They are quite charming these "ordinary" houses and everyone has its own "personality". To browse this book click here.