February 08, 2013

Kate Banks and Georg Hallensleben: The Bear in the Book

I ordered this book because of the beautiful pictures by Georg Hallensleben. And they are v e r y beautiful. Hallensleben illustrated Kate Bank's gentle story with his typical thick brushstrokes and dense colours. Not so beautiful was the bookjacket. I put it away ...

The lovely story is about a little boy and his mum reading a book about a big black bear (like the one on the cover of the book the reader holds in his hand) who hibernates while the life goes on outside his den. While listening to the words and watching the pictures the boy falls asleep himself. It's a very peaceful and atmospheric book, perfect for sharing at bedtime. Georg Hallensleben did a whole bunch of great children's books together with author Kate Banks like The Night WorkerFoxThe Great Blue House. Both are living and working in France.