February 14, 2013

Lilli Loge: Lies Die Kind

Lilli sent me this great comic last week. And I'm very happy to share it with you now. The comic’s title can be read in German and in English with meanings in both languages. In German "lies" is an imperative, therefore the title means something like "Read the child". Starting with the hole in the cover and the falling girl the short story develops a very strong attraction. So it's hard to escape the subtly drawn images once you've turned a page. Every spread is very well thought out and though the comic has only 12 pages it provides a lot of "Denkstoff".

The black and white comic deals with the subject of speechlessness as a result of repressed memories. In the artist's words: "The comic portrays the strange and probably rare condition of being aware of the existence of a traumatic experience while being unable to remember it. The loss of speech and the attempt to regain it form the comic’s main narrative, leaving us with the final question as to whether repression and half-knowledge might not be a fruitful part of the healing process and have their own importance and validity."

"Lies die kind" has been self-published by Lilli Loge with a circulation of 500 copies. To order a copy please visit her website. Over there you can watch a making-of video, actually you'll get the comic hand-ripped by Lilli. Originally the story was planned to be part of a trilogy. The first volume "My day off" has been printed in September 2012. A third more extensive volume will follow.

Comic-artiste Lilli Loge is living and working in Berlin. She is member of Chicks on Comics and runs the blog Comic Sport. Much more about Lilli and her work here.