March 21, 2013

Children's Magazine Gecko

About one year ago I subscribed to the Gecko Magazine. And since then I wanted to showcase this fabulous Bilderbuchzeitschrift on the blog. There is no excuse for waiting so long. Really hope to make up for it a little bit today: Gecko is a German children's magazine for kids aged 4 years and older. It is totally ad free, made with love and packed with very nicely illustrated stories.

Illustration: Tom Eigenhufe

 Text: Silke Wolfrum, Illustration: Mascha Greune

Text: Georg K. Berres, Illustration: Tom Eigenhufe

Text: Lotte Kinshofer, Illustration: Katrin Wiehle

The magazine was launched in Munich in 2007 by editor Muriel Rathje. It appears six times a year. Each issue includes three specially illustrated read-aloud stories by renowned children's book authors and illustrators like Ina Hattenhauer (visit her blog!), Katrin Wiehle, Marine Ludin, Tom Eigenhufe (check out his blog!), Mascha Greune. There are reading tips, a puzzle corner and fun science experiments for kids as well. So my 5-year-old is always excited, when "his" magazine is in the mail again (and I am too). The cover is washable btw.

Pick up a copy (only in German) here or subscribe to it here. To find out more about the many great authors and illustrators featured in Gecko so far click here.