March 13, 2013

Giovanna Zoboli and Camilla Engman: C'era una volta una storia

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to hold a review copy of this one in my hands today. "C'era una volta una storia" has been published in February by Topipittori. I wrote about the Italian picture book publisher before. They have launched some very nice novelties for spring. First of all I want to show you the one by Giovanna Zoboli, award-winning author and founder of Topipittori (together with Paolo Canton), and Swedish artist/illustrator Camilla Engman (have you seen her Suitcase Series book and The Morran Book Project?).

The title is in English "Once upon a time there was a story" and it's a book about the power of words and imagination. It all starts with a book that belongs to a child who can not read yet. In this book lives a story. First the mother reads the story to the child. After the mother has left the room, the figures emerge from the book ...  The child then read the book to the bear, the bear to the train, the train to the ball ... and in the end even the moon to the sun.

Each spread is so beautifully drawn and each scenery illustrates the words so well (Valentina from Topipittori sent me an extra sheet with the English translation, hopefully there will be an English edition as well soon). I really love the fantastic story together with these insightful and poignant pictures. You probably might know Camilla's blog.

Purchase your copy here. This was the second collaboration between Giovanna Zoboli and Camilla Engman. Published by Topipittori as well: Troppo tardi. Take a look at the publisher's website for more books by Giovanna Zoboli.