March 04, 2013

Käpt'n Bramsegels Abenteuer

I got this comic via Guido Weißhahn from I came across his website via this book and this magazine. The Holzhof Verlag republished a whole bunch of comics, all classics from the GDR (Eastern Germany).

The cover has been drawn by Ivo Kircheis just for this publication.

"Käpt'n Bramsegels Abenteuer" authored and illustrated by Franz Kerka was originally published in the magazine "Unser Robinson" between 1956 and 1960. Its story is hardly worth mentioning and has been interrupted several times. Kerka worked for the Kinderbuchverlag Berlin in the 1950s, he illustrated the children's book classic "Alfons Zitterbacke" for instance. You can not find out much more about him. The comic's whole history, which is fully described in this publication, is quite mysterious.