March 05, 2013

Máquina de Voar

I found three lovely children's books yesterday in our mailbox, all published by Máquina de Voar (Flying Machine), a new Portuguese Publisher. They make books for children and all who love illustrated books. In 2012 they launched their first titles. All three books are illustrated by Margarida Teixeira, founder of Máquina de Voar. Her illustrations are always beautiful and in bright colours, so every page is fun.

"Quando a mae era pequena" (When mummy was a little girl) is about the changing world within two generations. When the parents were young the world was a different place. They played outside with their friends, there were no mobile phones and computers, but vinyl and typewriters. It's a great book to show children the world as it was when their parents were as young as they are now. I looked through this book yesterday with my 5-year-old and even without understanding the words he loved it and asked tons of questions.

"A estranha história do Príncipe que inventou o Abecedário" tells the story of an unhappy prince who discovers the power of words.

"O que me faz feliz" (What makes me happy) is about all the simple things that could make us smile: sunny days, friends, good books, dreams and many other things.

The books are all in Portuguese, hopefully they will be translated and published in other countries as well in the future. I would love to see them in English or German. Maquina de Voar also make workbooks for children in preschool age to be used by kindergartens or at home.

To order their books, email them at