April 11, 2013

Didier Cornille: Tous Les Gratte-Ciel Sont Dans La Nature

Tous Les Gratte-Ciel Sont Dans La Nature (All Skyscrapers Are in the Nature) has been published by hélium/Actes Sud in March. It's in French of course. Fortunately it is so clearly written (for children and adults) and so well illustrated that I enjoyed r e a d i n g this book despite of my very limited knowledge of French. The beautiful book portrays the most famous architects and engineers of the past and today like Gustave Eiffel, Mies van der Rohe, Jean Nouvel. All the impressive skyscrapers and towers are drawn in subtle and accurate sleek lines. I like the reduced use of colours a lot. 

Didier Cornille is a designer and professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts du Mans. He authored/illustrated three more books released by héliumMini-MaxiBon Voyage! and Toutes Les Maisons Sont Dans la Nature.

Hélium also published the wonderful pop-up books by Anouck Boisrobert & Louis Rigaud and Jean-Luc Fromental & Joelle Jolivet. You probably might know Popville, Dans la foret du paresseux, tip tap and 10 P'tits Pingouins. I wrote about the German editions before here and here.