April 19, 2013

Hannah Waldron: Rain Day

I came across Hannah Waldron yesterday via finurlig. More about Hannah Waldron's current work and her wonderful Map Tapestries series over there. The second edition of her book "Rain Day", first published in 2010, is for sale at Duke Press, an independent publishing collective based in London. Take a look at their other publications.

 Hannah Waldron: Rain Day, 56 pages, £15.00, Duke Press

"Rain Day" is printed in one colour with a two colour wrap around cover and contains 23 ink drawings. It shows a rainy day from the perspective of a boy who has to stay indoors because of the rain and who begins to notice all the details around him ... 

(All images: www.dukepress.co.uk)

Hannah Waldron also contributed to the Living Things Series by Little Otsu, a mini art books collection "in which different artists each explore one idea based around the theme of living things". Volume 3 by Hannah Waldron is called "The City". Check it out here and here.