June 07, 2013

Mr. Spoqui

I got to know Mr. Spoqui last week and I have to admit I'm very very late on it because this great zine has been founded in 2009! So you probably already know it. For all like me who didn't have all 40 (!) issues on the shelf: Mr. Spoqui is a family magazine and project by the sisters Amanda, Blanca, Milena and brother Tiago Baeza, living in Lisbon. The zine is published every two months and each issue is dedicated to a special subject. Check out their website and Amanda's tumblr. Every issue is filled with comics, drawings, interviews, photos. In the "Islands" issue you'll find contributions by Jean de WetAlessandro Ripane, Douglas Noble, Eduardo Vaz, Ji Hyun Yu, Kodi Fabricant and Thales Lira.

(Mr. Spoqui family magazine, #40, 02+03 / 2013)

Mr. Spoqui is handcrafted. The copies they sell allow them to produce the next edition. You can visit their shop here.