July 22, 2013

Les Trois Ourses

It's so good to know that a non-profit organization like this exists - since 1988. The Paris based publisher/gallery Trois Ourses (Three Bears) focuses on the artistic education of children by putting "the book at the center". They distribute hard-to-find books, catalogs and reprints, publish work of artists like Paul Cox and Louise-Marie Cumont, curate exhibitions and develop workshops around books for children and adults. For "La Collection des Trois Ourses" they have joined forces with éditions MeMo to republish groundbreaking children's books from the first half of the 20th century.

"Stimulating the imagination of young children and fostering their capacity to be amazed gives them the ability to carry on an intimate and constructive dialogue with the world around them throughout their lifetime. Inspired by the thinking of Bruno Munari (1907-1998), a major 20th century artist and designer, the Trois Ourses supports the work of artists whose approach to children is parallel with its own."

(All images: Anais Beaulieu / Les Trois Ourses)

For getting to know their work better you may like to watch this interview (in French) with co-founder Elisabeth Lortic: