November 04, 2013

Aleksandra Mizielinska / Daniel Mizielinski: Alle Welt / Maps

Warsaw-based illustrators Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski are the founders of Hipopotam Studio, specialized in designing children's books and creating online, interactive projects. They can list already a whole range of books in their portfolio. This one has been originally published in Polish by Wydawnictwo Ddwie Siostry in 2012, in German by Moritz Verlag and in English by Big Picture Press. It's perfect in order to explain the world with its different landscapes and culture to kids. This book contains literally a whole world of stories. The illustrations are just wonderful. It's a real pleasure to delve into those beautifully designed highformat pages. Though some stereotypes are borrowed, it's done in a charming and often amusing way, so it's fun to find out which characteristics are used by the illustrators (who spend three years to create this book with all its details and curiosities). Check out their Mapmaker as well and their great book collection!