January 30, 2013

Aaron Stewart and Friends

I wanted to share this with you as well. It's a supplement to the Nido magazine I showed you in the last post. Maybe you remember the post about the "Little Aaron Book" by Aaron Stewart, an award-winning New York-based designer and director of animation. So here they are again, the charming little fellows. The best friends you can have for sure.

 "Snow Day" by Aaron Stewart
(Illustrations by Aaron Stewart, Photos by Felix Brüggemann)

More pictures of Aaron's friends and their daily life you'll find on PlaidOranges.

January 28, 2013

Nido and Maurice Sendak

We all have a cold, so we spent the weekend mostly on the sofa reading the current issue of Nido for instance. Inside there is one of the last interviews Maurice Sendak has given.
It's great.

A story to read to children, illustrated by Merav Salomon:

Another interview and a tribute to Maurice Sendak by Christoph Niemann. A very sensitively illustrated radio interview to Terry Gross in late 2011, published on the The New York Times blog "Abstract Sunday". Very moving. Thanks to Rotraut Susanne Berner for sending me the link!

January 21, 2013

Axel Scheffler: Über das Halten von Eichhörnchen

In December I was at the Tolle Galerie once again. Rotraut Susanne Berner was doing there a special sale before Christmas (I'm a bit late with this post ...). Take a look at all the wonderful books and collectibles. This pretty book I got there is called "Über das Halten von Eichhörnchen" and shows "How To Keep a Pet Squirrel". The original text is taken from The Children's Encyclopedia (about 1910) and has been translated into German by Harry Rowohlt.

Below you see a brief biography of Axel Scheffler. There it is said, that he is working and living in London since 1986. His drawings have been appeared in numerous publications, but first of all of course he is an enormously successful illustrator for children's books. You probably might know all his best-selling books like "The Gruffalo", "The Snail and the Whale" or "A Gold Star for Zog". My kids love them as well, we have a nice collection. This book however is special and much more a book for me than for my children because there is a little drawing in it by the artist himself. Look at the cute squirrel on its tricycle.

Axel Scheffler came across the text from 1910 while dipping into an old children's encyclopedia. "Kind and gentle care will soon make a young squirrel very friendly and affectionate." No one will take this too seriously in 2013 hopefully. The well-intentioned words of advice however are the perfect basis for Axel Scheffler's charming, funny illustrations.

(Axel Scheffler: Über das Halten von Eichhörnchen, Die Tollen Hefte Nr. 19, Büchergilde Gutenberg 2002)

I wrote about the wonderful Tolle Hefte before: the interview with Armin Abmeier and the sad post in July.

The book has been published in the series "Reihe Kunterbunt" by Jacoby & Stuart in 2009 as well and in English by Faber and Faber one year later.

January 18, 2013

Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf

Hello to you all! Today I photographed this classic - I was lucky to find a copy from 1960 at the flea market some time ago. It tells the famous story "Peter and the Wolf", written (both text and music) by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936 in the USSR.

Sergej Prokofjew/Frans Haacken: Peter und der Wolf, Büchergilde Gutenberg 1958/1960

In 2012 this book has been republished by Beltz & GelbergYou can order the reprint of the first edition (1958) in its original format here or here. It's illustrated by German illustrator and artist Frans Haacken (1911-1979).

January 14, 2013

Creating by Playing

I want to show you those wonderful books for ages. Craft books published by Otto Maier Verlag mainly in the 1960s. Each volume is dedicated to one material like paper, wood, metal, ceramic, fabric or cardboard and shows how to create artwork by playing with the material. Such a great source of inspiration.

(Ernst Röttger/Dieter Klante/Rolf Hartung u.a.: Das Spiel mit den bildnerischen Mitteln, Otto Maier Verlag)

If you find a book of this series, you should go for it.

My English is not good enough to translate the foreword of the first volume properly. It is about playing and the sense of the senseless and sounds much more beautiful in the words of Teo Otto: "Spiel ist der Sinn des Sinnlosen, ist die Entdeckung des Nichtwollenden, ist die Überraschung des Neugierigen. Das Sichfinden und das Zusichkommen, verliebt in den Vorgang des Spiels und in das Material, schließen dem Spielenden immer neue Formen und Wirkungen auf, und ahnend fühlt er eine Welt, die unbegrenzt ist in ihrer Schönheit und in ihrem Zauber."

January 09, 2013

Bernardo Carvalho: Trocoscópio

Hello again, dear friends! And Planeta Tangerina again as well. And Bernardo Carvalho. With 142 triangles, rectangles, circles, dots in yellow, green, red, blue, pink, orange and purple changing from one side to the other.

This was also a gift.  More Planeta Tangerina herehere and here. Seems like I really love their books ...

January 04, 2013

Eric Carle: Alle meine Bären

Another one by famous Eric Carle. There is something special with his paintings of animals. I especially like their bold colors and the way Carle uses book pages to tell a story (think of the "eaten" holes in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or there is a snake which extends over all pages, with the tail on page one and the head on the last). In this book a spread is reserved for one animal. "Alle meine Bären", published by Gerstenberg in German, is a compilation of four picture books. Want to see all? This way.

Carle spreads acrylic paint on white tissue paper and draws and scrapes patterns on it. Then he cuts out the design and pastes it as a collage on white paper. Fine details he draws with crayons.

The children's book author and illustrator lives in Florida and North Carolina. Together with his wife he founded The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in 2002. 

January 02, 2013

Anne Geelhaar and Erich Gürtzig: Der Schneemann sucht eine Frau

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Hope you all had some beautiful days. We spent the holidays with family and friends and lots of good food, many books and much more Lego. Now I'm pleased to be back here with some picture books (all gifts for Christmas). The first one is a reprint by Leipziger Kinderbuchverlag. The original edition has been published in 1961.

The author is Anne Geelhaar, who was a very famous and popular children's book author in the GDR (Eastern Germany). The illustrations are by Erich Gürtzig, who illustrated more than 100 children's books mainly in the 1950ies.

It's about a snowman who is searching for a wife but couldn't find the right one. Finally he finds a snowdrop growing in the spring sunshine. It all ends as it must end: The snowman is melting in the sun, happy for not being alone anymore.