July 26, 2013

Katsumi Komagata: Color Puzzles

Inside you'll find four double-sided puzzles. It's a very beautiful book, though it is quite difficult to fix the pieces of the puzzles in the book pages again once you've turned them out. I would love to call more books by Japanese author/graphic designer Katsumi Komagata my own. There are so many ... For all who live in Europe try Les Trois Ourses to order his books.

July 22, 2013

Les Trois Ourses

It's so good to know that a non-profit organization like this exists - since 1988. The Paris based publisher/gallery Trois Ourses (Three Bears) focuses on the artistic education of children by putting "the book at the center". They distribute hard-to-find books, catalogs and reprints, publish work of artists like Paul Cox and Louise-Marie Cumont, curate exhibitions and develop workshops around books for children and adults. For "La Collection des Trois Ourses" they have joined forces with éditions MeMo to republish groundbreaking children's books from the first half of the 20th century.

"Stimulating the imagination of young children and fostering their capacity to be amazed gives them the ability to carry on an intimate and constructive dialogue with the world around them throughout their lifetime. Inspired by the thinking of Bruno Munari (1907-1998), a major 20th century artist and designer, the Trois Ourses supports the work of artists whose approach to children is parallel with its own."

(All images: Anais Beaulieu / Les Trois Ourses)

For getting to know their work better you may like to watch this interview (in French) with co-founder Elisabeth Lortic:

July 18, 2013

Louise Fatio and Roger Duvoisin: Der glückliche Löwe

This is a re-edition in German by Herder. "The Happy Lion" written by Louise Fatio and illustrated by her famous husband Roger Duvoisin has been published first in 1954. They collaborated on nine more Happy Lion stories! More pictures by Roger Duvoisin here!

July 12, 2013

Jaja Verlag

This week I've found some more wonderful books published by Berlin Jaja Verlag in the mailbox and I'm more than happy with them. The first one I want to show you is a novelty by Claus Daniel Herrmann: "In Our Garden". It's his first comic. The format is very unusual, the story is fairly touching and cleverly constructed with flashbacks. It gets along with only a few words (in English) and impresses with beautifully drawn, meaningful pictures.

The second one I've cast an eye at for some time already: "Einfach lecker essen". It's a cook book with nine simple recipes like pumpkin soup or mashed potatoes. The special about it is that every recipe is drawn, there is no descriptive text. And you don't need more words. The pictures speak for themselves. Take a look, it's such a great idea and a very charming book. The author/illustrator is graphic designer Johanna Zabojnik-Ihla. Check out her Doppelgänger blog (together with Michael Jeronski) as well! 

And last but not least the wonderful ABC book "Mit dem ABC durch Berlin" by illustrator Ulrike Jensen and author Elisabeth Wirth. It's an activity book for curious children to explore Berlin: from A like Alex to Z like Zoo. It's really fun and contains some surprises. I love the hand-lettering!

Note: The woman behind Jaja Verlag Annette Köhn has started a Crowdfunding campaign for her comic "LETO - Reise in die Halongbucht". If you want to support her, just click here and join in! It'll be great.

And here you can find the interview with Annette Köhn and Marie Geißler, author/illustrator of another cook book published by Jaja: "Kochen wie fliegen".