December 17, 2013

Fred Rodrian and Werner Klemke: Hirsch Heinrich

A classic German children's book, originally published in 1960 by Kinderbuchverlag Berlin and now released in the 11th edition by Beltz & Gelberg. Text by editor and author Fred Rodrian, illustrations by famous Werner Klemke. I was lucky to find a first edition at a fleamarket in early summer. So this book lay on the shelf for half a year impatiently waiting for this year's Christmas season to be read out to the children. Here it is!

 Fred Rodrian/Werner Klemke: Hirsch Heinrich, Kinderbuchverlag Berlin 1960

December 12, 2013

Misawa Atsuhiko

Also found via ON READING online shop: "Paintings of Animals" by Kyoto born artist Misawa Atsuhiko renowned for his wooden life-sized animal sculptures and paintings. Misawa Atsuhiko's art focuses on the border between the real animals and the images which we have: "If someone says 'I like bears', it is unclear if the person likes the real bear - the fierce animal or the bear character, a stuffed toy or something else."

Visit the publisher's website for more great artists and books (you might want to click English info)!

There is another book from 2007 mainly with his sculptures.

Images via ON READING, Seigensha Art Publishing and

December 05, 2013

ON READING and Fumi Koike

I found this online shop via Japanese illustrator Fumi Koike. Her beautiful book "Dog and Morning" can be ordered via ON READING here. It shows her art work exhibited at Do Design Madrid earlier this year. Enjoy and visit Fumi Koike's blog, flickr and Facebook, which is kept in English. And there are many more fantastic books and zines on the shop's website.

(All images via Fumi Koike)

December 02, 2013

Sabine Timm

I got lost (again) on Sabine Timm's flickr stream. Books seen and made by her. Old and new artwork, generously shared by her at flickr and facebook.

Combing Through Information

German artist Sabine Timm is represented by the Sebastian Foster Gallery. I really admire her work full of humour and imagination.

Diamonds of Literature

Labyrinth for Bookworms

Learning about Trees


All images and video by Sabine Timm!