January 03, 2014

Mascha Kaléko / Franziska Schaum: Einmal sollte man ...

Happy New Year to all of you! 

Hope you all had a relaxing time with your friends and family as well. This book is a Christmas gift from a very good friend and titled "Einmal sollte man ...". It's a poem about escaping everyday life by leaving the beaten path, written by Mascha Kaléko (1907 - 1975) and illustrated by Franziska Schaum. (Why does the illustrator's name didn't find place on the cover?!)

The small-sized book is part of the series Petits Fours by Büchergilde. I wrote about this beautiful collection before. Take a look at the other little treasures by Katja Spitzer, Golden Cosmos and Franziska Neubert. And visit www.schaum.tv. The theme of the book is quite a good new year's resolution, I think.