April 16, 2014

Sonia Goldie / Marc Boutavant: Kleine Hausgeister

Gestalten launched a new program of delightful books for young readers called "Kleine Gestalten". I'm really pleased to receive one of their great children's books today to show you on the blog. This funny picture book is about all the ghosts who live in our homes and claim to be real ghosts, contrary to those old-school ones who live in old castles making "Boo!". The real ghosts live in our kitchen and bathroom, there is the television ghost on the sofa and the ghost in the telephone (who does not know him?), the gentle ghost behind the curtain and the thin-haired one in the attic telling old stories. These spooks are not scary, they don't use sheets and clanking chains. Indeed, they are very modern and appreciate a good party.

Children will discover a lot on the pages and probably they have met most of those ghosts already, especially the ghost of the night who isn't scary at all because he has a big smile on the face. The gorgeous illustrations and the cheeky humour are going very well together. The text is always part of the scenes and coloured, sized or angled to fit onto walls, furniture and signs in the illustrations. What a good decision to finally publish this children's book in German. "Fantomes des Maisons" has been originally published in French in 2001.

Sonia Goldie has written a couple of books published in French by Mila Editions. Marc Boutavant is one the most famous French illustrators. His children's books (Mouk, Ariol) are classics and filled with wonderful characters. Take a look here!

Enchanted Lion Books, October 2013

To buy a copy click here or here. The English edition "Ghosts" has been published by Enchanted Lion Books.