May 19, 2014

Benjamin Sommerhalder: Knigi

This book is so so good! You might know this charming ghost already from the English edition or from the publisher's website. The author/illustrator of "Knigi" is Benjamin Sommerhalder, founder of Nieves, the independent Zurich-based publishing house with a great catalogue and lots of artists' books and zines. I'm very happy to hold the new German edition in my hands and looking forward to reading it to my kids tonight. It's one of those graphically bold books with a timeless story that inspire children and adults alike. Purchase a copy here or here. The German edition has been published by Diogenes in Zurich. The English edition (published in 2011 by Nieves) is out of print unfortunately. You can try this.

The story is about a little ghost who received a book from his aunt. But the book contains only white pages. How could he enjoy this book? Knigi will reveal the secrets of the book of course and "a miraculous explosion of colors and shapes leapt out from the pages" when he finally starts reading...