June 27, 2014

C. Seifert / G. Sander / J. Hoersch / N. Mager: Kinder, kocht!

Do you see all the markers in the book? I could barely decide which recipe I should try first with my kids. This week we went for a farfalle salad and soufflés in teacups as dessert. I have to admit that though the book title is "Kinder, kocht!" (Kids, cook!) I did most of the cooking, because my 3yo and my 6yo are still a bit too young for the recipes, however they did a great job as assistents. They were so easy to delight and so proud of the results.

About the book: I can only commend the layout, the many ideas, the beautiful photographs, the recipes sorted by seasons - everything! "Kinder, kocht!" is in German and has been published by Swiss publishing house AT Verlag in 2013. The authors are Claudia Seifert and Gesa Sander, the photos are by Julia Hoersch and the wonderful styling is by Nelly Mager. Gesa Sander did the illustrations with so many adorable details. This book is so full of fun for kids and a great pleasure to browse for adults. Take a look!